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Because the web has become the most common place for customers to interact with your company, we have added web site creation to our development offerings for business. Websites are no longer static “dumb” pages that simply announce your companies products and services. They have become the initial way customers interact with your business. At EZ DoesIt Software we have been creating and maintaining business websites for over 5 years. We use the MS ASP.net technology to harness the power of the .NET Framework for web applications. Whether it is capturing customer information, processing orders or just simply looking great on the web we can help. A website has the unique combination of beauty and functionality. Both must be present to engage the customer. High quality graphics, good layout, and the right technology, all must work together. We have built web applications for the pet, real estate and healthcare industries.

How does a simple web site project work?

For a basic site that wants to look great, have some motion, be found, capture some basic customer information we have a simple process:

  1. We provide you with 20 or more sample sites using your logo, concept and color scheme
  2. We develop, test, and market the site
  3. We maintain the site and make enhancements as needed
  4. Read this. (Adobe Reader Required)
We have an extensive database application and we would like to give our customers access to it. Is the web a good place to do this?

Yes. Using the .NET Framework we can build a secure web application that can share or just provide data with other applications, web sites, systems, etc.

EZDS Web site development & Hosting services

With our partners (ECE Hosting, GoDaddy), we provide an entire range of products and services for domain registration and hosting a web site. Click here for more information

Is it expensive to get a website up and running?

No. For around $2,000 you can have a creative, professionally designed website that stores important data.

My webhosting company includes a web site for free. Why would I pay to have one done?

The hosting companies provide these “free” sites with their hosting plans as an incentive to entice you to sign up with them. These sites are boiler plate template type sites that ask you a series of questions and produce a cookie cutter type site.

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