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EZ DoesIt Software has been creating DNA for 8 years. The .NET Framework is a set of classes developed by MS in 2000 that encapsulates most typical LOB operations. Using the .NET Framework, developers can write code that works on most devices and in most scenarios. The same code can be used by a call center representative taking an order by checking a company website for inventory levels and that will be processed by a .NET Framework based server component later that day. The same code and code language can be used over and over again. This saves development time and money. We added the .NET Framework to our capabilities as the technology became available from MS over 9 years ago and have not looked back. We love the .NET Framework. You can do so much with it. We have built call center applications, claims management applications and healthcare application using the .NET Framework. Its seamless integration to SQL Server or Microsoft Access makes it a natural choice to create great user interfaces to capture and maintain important data.

What kind of applications have you built using the .NET Framework?
  1. Healthcare operations
  2. Healthcare point of care
  3. Reporting applications
  4. Scheduling applications
  5. Sales applications
  6. Inventory applications
  7. Manufacturing applications
  8. Call Center applications
What is required for companies to build and maintain .NET Framework applications?
  1. Windows XP or greater
  2. .NET Framework 2.0 or greater (Free download from MS)
How are .NET Framework applications distributed and maintained?

The .NET Framework applications are self maintaining. Once the application is distributed through a simple url you create, each time the user launches the application it checks for an update. No user or IT intervention is required to maintain .NET Framework applications.

Are .NET Framework applications Web based or Desktop?

They can be both or one or the other. The .NET Framework applications can be hosted, run from the desktop or browser based.

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